H.N. Post & Zonen

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Who we are

For over 60 years H.N. Post & Zonen has been a reliable partner in the logistics business. With Flexible, Sustainable and Reliable as our terms of our identity, we strive to provide the best kind of service in every discipline.

With our various truck-trailer combinations, we can serve our customers in a flexible manner. Both our personnel and our equipment are versatile across different disciplines, allowing us to adapt daily to the needs of our customers.


'Sustainability lasts the longest' is one of the sayings displayed on the wall in our office in Pijnacker. H.N. Post & Zonen is committed to a better future for the planet, and this is reflected in various areas

Since 2021, fully electric trucks have also been added to our fleet. This allows us to transport goods without emissions. H.N. Post & Zonen is a leader in zero-emission transport and demonstrates a commitment to continued innovation

The first customer in the records of H.N. Post & Zonen from 1964 is still one of the customers we provide transport services for. Our company is committed to sustainable relationships and fosters strong connections with its customers. This highlights the reliability of the company.

Container transport

H.N. Post & Zonen is prominently active in the Port of Rotterdam in container transport. By innovatively addressing the environmental regulations in the port, H.N. Post & Zonen is the ideal partner for the future.

Building materials

H.N. Post & Zonen started in 1964 with the transport of building materials, and since then, the specializations have expanded. Daily, various curtain-sided trailers with forklifts, concrete mixers and small and large brick trailers travel across the country to deliver building materials to the right place

Zero emission transport 

H.N. Post & Zonen is a leader in zero-emission heavy transport. Together with various partners, we are seeking sustainable logistics solutions.We already have 6 zero-emission trucks in our fleet, and keep on innovating.

Warehouse Pijnacker

In Pijnacker, we have a cross-dock warehouse. Here, goods can be transshipped (stored short-term) under a Customs Warehouse license. We can handle all customs procedures for you. Additionally, we are an NVWA inspection point for the inspection of packaging wood (pallets/crates) from China and India. We also offer in-house transportation and have our own network of (inter)national carriers.

Warehouse Vlaardingen

The experienced staff at the Vlaardingen location specializes in the storage and transshipment of goods. A spacious warehouse in a strategic location is an additional service that H.N. Post & Zonen can provide. This includes managing the warehouse and handling the logistics for the delivery of goods to end customers.

Working at H.N. Post & Zonen

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